Paper & Tissue Asia

About Paper & Tissue Asia

Paper & Tissue Asia Exhibition is expected to serve an effective and efficient platform for all national/international stake holders presenting wide range of products from world leading manufacturers of the Paper & Tissue Industry. The leading event in the Paper & Tissue Asia Expo is an ideal platform for volume business to be conducted enabling buyers from both the fine Paper & Tissue markets to source products and keep abreast of the latest trends. Paper & Tissue Asia is the only business event of its kind on tissue paper and the allied industry in the country. The event aims to be the International business platform which will cover the entire spectrum of products and services for this industry. This B2B exhibition is an ideal platform for business transactions, branding and product showcasing in the field of tissue paper and allied industries. Paper & Tissue Asia provides you with a unique opportunity to meet key people and discuss your products and solutions with many of the decision makers in the related industry.

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Tissue Paper Market Potential in Pakistan:

The tissue paper industry is emerging as a new sub segment within the specialty paper market. It is at a very nascent stage, but is expected to grow quickly with the population's increasing affluence, education, and higher and more disposable income levels in Pakistan. The tissue paper industry high growth potential has propelled its migration from small scale Industry to a fully grown organised industry sector in Pakistan. Some of the big companies in the paper industry are moving into the tissue paper production in Pakistan.

Growth Indicator

Global tissue paper market is set to grow at a CAGR of 4.9 % over the period 2012-2018. The size of the organised tissue paper market in Pakistan is estimated at around 280 million USD and the unorganised sector is almost the same size. The Pakistani paper & tissue market is at an inflexion point and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% in the next 3 - 5 years, with the organised segment growing even faster. This growth will be driven by increasing hygiene awareness, disposable income and deeper penetration of organised retail.